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Scenario One - Skills without Confidence

You’ve read books on interviewing cover to cover. You’ve watched tutorials online. You’ve written out your answers to standard questions and practiced them in front of the mirror. But when you’re face-to-face with a real interviewer, you freeze up. How do you put all that planning into practice?

Scenario Two - Confidence without Skills

You fit the job description perfectly. You sit down for the interview with a positive attitude, and just try to be yourself. But by the end, the interviewer is formal and frosty, and you never hear back. You can’t even remember half of your answers. What if you said something wrong?

Scenario Three - Skills and Confidence

Our comprehensive educational materials help you build skills and our detailed feedback and scoring system gives you the practice you need to walk into your next interview with confidence. Applying your skills in simulated interviews with Molly Porter and working for higher scores on higher difficulties will make you confident that you can nail your next real-world interview.


The more users spoke to Molly, the higher their scores climbed—even as they transitioned to higher difficulties.
Preliminary Data, Northwestern University, 5/17/13.


The number of users who said they were ready to interview or comfortable interviewing doubled after training with Molly.
Preliminary Data, Northwestern University, 5/17/13.