Molly Makes the Difference

Real Conversation.

When Molly asks a question, you’ll have a wide range of possible answers, just like in real life. Molly will remember what you’ve said, and shape the interview around what you’ve chosen to share. No matter how many times you play, no two interviews will ever be exactly alike.

Speaking with Molly Porter
Real Personality.

Interviewers are people too, and their moods, preferences, and pet peeves can have a huge impact on your interview. That’s why Molly will be a different sort of person every time you play—sometimes all business, sometimes gushing, sometimes downright difficult. No other training system takes into account the human element on the other side of the table. Training with Molly will let you stay cool and on message no matter how the interviewer behaves, giving you an edge over the competition that you can’t get anywhere else.

Real Training.

Interviewing with Molly will let you practice skills and learn from common mistakes in a safe, private format. An on-screen coach will offer feedback on everything you say during the conversation, and a detailed score at the end of each interview will let you track your progress and identify where to focus for next time. Raise and lower the difficulty level for the challenge that’s right for you. Training with Molly produces real results.

Molly Porter