Frequently Asked Questions

What's the point of doing job interview training?

The interview is where a job is won or lost. Knowing how to put your best foot forward and avoid common mistakes can cut months off your job search. Having good interview skills will make you stand out as an applicant, which may mean better offers and better jobs.

Every job is so different. How can training prepare me for my specific interview?

Our training simulation with Molly Porter was developed with input from national experts in hiring, placement, and Human Resources. What she says is based on standard questions used in interviews for entry-level and management positions alike. The more confident you feel about your answers on standard questions, the better you’ll be at handling surprises in your real-world interview.

I’m qualified for the job; can’t I just wing it during the interview?

A good resume may get you an interview, but only a good interview can get you a job. Going in unprepared will open you up to common mistakes that may turn a sure thing into a near miss. If the job is a good fit, it’s more important to be prepared, not less.

But Molly is just a simulation; how can on-line practice prepare me for a real-world interview?

Trying to “train” when a real job is on the line is a high-risk, high-stress strategy. (Imagine trying to learn the rules of poker while playing at $10,000 a hand.) A real job interviewer won’t give you any direct feedback, keeping you in the dark about what you’re doing well, and what mistakes might be holding you back. A string of real-world rejections with no clear feedback may make you feel less prepared and less confident than when you started your job search. There’s a better way to train.

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Interviewing with Molly Porter is the best way to build job interview skills and confidence.

  Job Interview Training with Molly Porter Paid In-Person Coach Pretend Interview with a Friend Books, Tutorials, Videos* No Preparation; learning by interviewing
Builds skills? Yes ? ? ? ?
Builds confidence? Yes ? ? X X
Pace of learning is set by…? You Coach Friend You N/A
Learning by reading/study? Yes ? X Yes X
Learning by doing? Yes Yes ? X Yes
Clear, Constructive, Expert Feedback? Yes ? X X X
Repeated Practice? Yes X ? $$ X
$75/hr and up Free (you get what you pay for) Free to $50 and up per book Your next career

*Job Interview Training with Molly Porter includes more than an hour of information and interactive tutorials vetted by national experts in hiring, placement, and Human Resources.
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