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The Test Drive

Give our training simulation a test drive for free with absolutely no obligation. Start your training with an introductory interview with Molly Porter.

Our simulated interviews with Molly Porter offer you a realistic interview experience combined with personalized feedback that no other site can match. Add in free resume prep, a sample job application, and comprehensive e-learning materials, and you’re looking at the best value in interview training on the web.

Molly and her questions are different every time you play, so the more you train, the more prepared you’ll be.

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Full System Features

Comprehensive Learning Materials

Some people learn by reading, others by listening and everyone learns by doing. The learning materials gives you an opportunity to learn by reading at your own pace. Topics include:

  • Resume Creation
  • Preparing for the Interview
  • Dressing for Success
  • Many more...

Learning Materials
E-Learning Materials

Job Application

The Job Application feature gives you control over the kinds of questions that Molly will ask you during the interview. You can choose from a number of positions:

  • Cashier
  • Customer Service
  • Security
  • Inventory
  • Maintenance/Grounds
  • Janitorial/Custodial
  • Food Services
  • Stock Clerk

You can also specify your desired schedule and any disabilities you may have. Molly will likely want to discuss these things with you during the interview. Throughout the Application process, you are provided with tips regarding how best to answer specific questions.

Job Application Tips
Job Application Tips
Job Application
Job Application

Job Interview Simulation

Before you test drive the Job Interview Simulation, take a look at some of the features:

  • Real-time Feedback: Everything you and Molly say is a 'teachable moment', so there is detailed feedback for everything you talk about.
  • Level of Difficulty: As your skills increase, you can choose a difficulty that keeps the interview challenging.
  • Saving/Loading: Run out of time? You can save your place in the interview and come back to it later.

Remember that each conversation with Molly will be different than your last. Practice is the key to success.

Real-time Feedback
Job Interview Real-time Feedback
Level of Difficulty
Job Interview Difficulty
Simulation Interface
Job Interview Simulation

Personalized Feedback and Scoring

When learning something new, knowing what you do well is just as important as knowing what you need more work on. Every time you complete an interview with Molly, our advanced scoring and feedback system evaluates your interviewm, and gives you detailed feedback and scores how you did on the following points:

  • Being Dependable: Molly wants to hire someone who will work hard and be on time. Give examples of times when others were able to count on you.
  • Displaying Teamwork:Molly wants to hire someone who can work well with others. Gives examples of times you worked well with a boss, co-worker or friend. Being flexible is another way to show Molly you are easy to work with.
  • Being Positive: Molly wants to hire someone with a positive attitude. Use every question as an opportunity to say something good about yourself (always remembering, of course, to Be Honest). When you have to say something negative, be sure to follow it up with something good.
  • Being Honest: Molly wants to hire someone who is honest and trustworthy. One of the hardest parts of interviewing is learning how to present yourself in a positive light without over-selling your skills or fibbing about any weaknesses. It’s better to be up-front and positive about yourself at the start than to be caught in a fib later on.
  • Showing Interest: Molly wants to hire someone who cares about the job and the company, since people who like their jobs tend to work harder. Do your homework about the company, and—just as importantly—let Molly know you’ve done your homework by expressing enthusiasm for the position, and being ready with questions about the company when you get the chance.
  • Being Professional: Molly wants to hire someone who is professional. Be polite and respectful throughout the interview, and keep your questions and answers focused on topics related to the job. Even if Molly herself starts to get off-track, don’t let your skills and confidence slide. Keep your goal in mind.

Feedback and Score
Personalized Feedback and Scoring